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We have changed our site around once again, to accommodate an ever changing public & economy. This day in age, people want something economical and easy to deal with. That’s one thing we pride ourselves on. We dislike when people make web designing or videography complicated and overly expensive. There is no reason to charge so much for doing something you love to do to begin with.

Being creative and using my imagination is always number one when it comes to creating new looks and designs. With each new customer comes a new and fun challenge for me. I make sure your happy with the finale product before publishing it for the world to see. I am very experienced in working with Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Premiere CS5, Sony Vegas Pro, and many more.

From minor to some major editing on photos for web sites, ad design and personal use. It can include removal of items in the background to possibly changing your hair style. Samples can be seen on the "Photo" page. I am also willing to help if you have a question on a site your building or you need help linking something. I am always here to answer any questions you might have.

With lower prices and the ability to work around your budget with payment plans and faster turnaround times, you won’t be waiting around for your product to get finished. We make sure every product is the exact way the owner wants. To make payments and services that are much easier for everyone we are also set up with PayPal to help you out. We do charge a 3% tax for PayPal transactions to pay their fees.

Free Eestimate & Discounts. Facebook discounts are always avalilble.


I have always been amazed by the media world since I was a small girl, always wanting to know how things were made and done. As soon as I got my own computer in 1992, I started creating and editing my own web sites on AOLPress. Combining my love for horses with my talents on the computer, I created my first web site. Fantasy Farms, it was my first but not my only site.  I helped friends with site of their own and started on a path of videographer and photographer. Taking 1st place in my photography class, then in light room art a few years later. I started to expand my limits to a wider range of client based business. With the creation of stallion promotional videos and photos I'm hoping to bring reasonable prices to the equine and internet world. I'm now starting to travel to newer locations to help others with their video and photo needs. With the abilities to travel to Washington, Arizona, Nevada and a few other west coast states.

I live on a 2.5 acres ranch with my amazing Arabian horses. I love trail rides with my horses, but it's always more fun with friends. Or to take my camera and get amazing pictures when I'm out. My corgis Piper and Kota always want to go with me but with their small legs it’s not that easy.
My first horse is Pauli my '95 model Arab mare. She is a great horse always giving her best at everything. She is amazing on the trail, nothing ever scares her.... Well almost nothing... White rocks seem to catch her eye.
When it’s a cold or windy outside I like to sit inside by the fire with a good movie, or working on the computer. I try to stay on the go as much as possible but sometimes it’s good just to stop and relax for a moment.

Payment Opptions
Payment plans are available for some items, such as (ei. Photography, video editing, videography, & websites).
Other items such as logo design, ad designs and so on must be paid in full at the time service is requested. Contracts have been made for each item that might be desired. If there is something you want done and we don't have it on our list, just ask and we will accommodate you in any way we are able to.

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